A lot of people made the Bicycle Astronomy project possible and some of them are recognized here.

In the summer of 2012, I ran a project on kickstarter, which generated the bulk of the funding needed to get the cargo bicycle I needed to put the “bicycle” in Bicycle Astronomy, and also to design the Veloscope, the special telescope designed to fold up and fit on the bike. Backers were “rewarded” with a variety of swag, depending on their level of support.

Thanks to all Bicycle Astronomy supporters, with a special shout out to Geneva Community Projects and Yuba Bicycles.

Bookmark Supporters ($5 to $14)

Philipp Schneider
Jack McLeod
Liz Allen
Brian LaShomb
Andrew M. Kelly
Jason Kooi
Tony Rouse
Tatu Rahja
Gregory M Yates
Queen of All Creation
Jeremiah Robert Craig Shepersky
A. Clair-Goulet
Loki Carbis
Dominka Bjelobrk
Katie Walker Wilson
Kip Kozlowski
John Bremseth
Laura Dickerson
Doug Fowler
Greg Hochmuth
Robert Swain

Mission Patch Supporters ($15 to $24)

Phil Titan Napolitano
Sam Ashken
Charlotte Lehman
Leonard Richardson
L. M. Freer
Christopher D
Michele Travierso @michetravi
Geoff Hausheer
Chris Flahavan
Ben Michalak
John Moreau
Michael Williams
Leaf Kitchen of Geneva
N Mueller
Annie Wilson
Kelly Mann

Computer Supporters ($25 to $49)

J. E. Tessendorf
Jeff Setzer
Jeh & Hani Cranfill
Daniel Vozis McEvoy
Joe Hudak
Andy Rubey
Porschet family
Matt Werts
Fern Culhane
Karsten A
J. H. Holland
Stomping Grounds
Frank Bov
David Ritter

Shirt Off Our Back Supporters ($50 to $74)

Mary Kelly & Brad Muise
The LaBrecque’s
Ted Blank
Eduardo Christoph
Tracy and Dan Glomski
Charlie Gibson
The Morrison Family
Doug’s fan club, Ali-g section
Whiteleather Family
Zugibe Vineyards
Brendan Doms
Pam Griffith
Eric Nelson
Cadence & Dustin
Michelle Paquette
Dennis Pamlin, 21st Century Frontiers
Anne Hindle
Dirk Wiggins
Mike Vergalla
Sam Johnson
Kate Magargal
The Wyckoffs
Joe, Lisa @ E-man
Lara Blanchard
Beth Eagleson and Alan van Giessen
Jenna and Victor
Andrew Rush
Interstellar Galactic Brewery
Tim Phelan Baltimore, MD
Eric Elkin
Alex Hawkins
Karen J. Tobo
Dano Wall, Small Wonder Toys
Kevin and Ellen Mitchell

Show Print Supporters ($75 to $124)

the Augustine kids
Jeff Henderson
Bruce Krobusek
Belinda and Mark Venuti
Scott Mullen
Weber Family
G. Salmond

Earthrise Supporters ($125 t0 $249)
Lorenzo Orselli
Thomas Belvin
Jeff Owen

Local Heros ($250 or above)

Marty Davis
Jim Hogan, owner Geneva Bicycle Center
Team Arens-Kendrick
Dr. Philip Friere Skiba

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