What I’ve Been Up To, and Why…


I fixed the gyro that had my life briefly spinning out of control, and am back up and running. Bicycle Astronomy will start up again soon here in Geneva. The Bicycle Astromomy facebook page is already relaying useful content on bikes and telescopes (and their various uses) to a wider audience. And the twitter feed has also been brought back to life. I’d really like to develop this blog a bit more this year. I’m working on some new blog posts, including an interview with the masterminds behind Astronomy on Tap, a whimsical program that puts astronomers into bars to entertain and inform fellow hopsters about the wonders of the universe. So, onward and upward.

It’s been a very hard year. My daughter Zora just moved with her Mom to Slovakia, and I’m in a position I have not been in for a long time, with the road ahead uncertain and open. Such transition!

My living circumstances are also in flux. I’m downsizing significantly, from a 2000 square foot house to a 200 square foot travel trailer. This is a major challenge and a big change…it’s hard to shed possessions! The travel trailer project is exciting. I’ve meant to write about it here, but have not had the time or energy. The short story: I found a 1947 Spartan Manor shell in Utah, and an outfit, Classic Trailer Restorations, willing to build it up into a nice off-the-grid homestead-on-wheels. When it’s done, it will have a birch and alder interior with real linoleum floors (in a fab chartreuse color), a solar-electric system for power needs, a small propane range and oven, a super-efficient fridge and freezer under the counter…all the comforts of home, really, just in a smaller space.

Here is the shell interior before renovations really started: 20140720-113701-41821377.jpg Here is my blueprint: 20140720-113702-41822738.jpg Here is a recent pic of the interior restoration: 20140720-114209-42129862.jpg I’ll write a longer post about this project soon, but wanted to at least get the basic strokes out there. The goal: live with less, more lightly on the earth, and more cheaply. And have a house on wheels that I can move out of the way when the oceans rise and cities fall. (That was a joke. Kinda.)


One thought on “What I’ve Been Up To, and Why…

  1. I look forward to reading your posts again. I’m getting interested in astronomy again, but am hampered by living in Chicago currently. At one point I had a cargo bike and wanted to build a similar Dobsonian telescope to what you were using to haul on it. Nowadays I only ride a recumbent, so my cargo capacity is limited. However, that’s what trailers are for. Anyway, keep writing and I’ll also be interested to see your updates on your “low-footprint” trailer living.

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