Astronomy on Tap’s Cosmos Bingo

Astronomy on Tap is a great little outreach project that places hip scientists in cities like New York and Columbus, Ohio (and who knows, maybe Rochester or even Geneva soon) to give free, fun presentations about the universe. “Science is even better with beer,” is the group’s tagline. The concept of meeting people where they are is near and dear to Bicycle Astronomy; it’s actually the topic of my first blog post in 2009, a piece that got picked up by Utne Reader. I’ll be interviewing AoT organizer and College of Staten Island astronomer, Emily Rice, about the project in the near future.

But in the meanwhile, I’d like to give a shout out to their fun Cosmos bingo game. They’ve made 9 cards of things that they think Cosmos host Neil DeGrasse Tyson will (or should) say. Print them out and have yourself a fun family game while watching the show tonight, or whenever you get around to watching it.



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