Bicycle Astronomy gets an award!


On Saturday night, the good, hard working people of the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center held their annual award and appreciation dinner at the Sons of Italy. Bicycle Astronomy was honored with a “most innovative project of 2013” certificate. It was great to meet the movers and shakers of the various, newly constituted “neighborhoods”, especially the folks in East Lakeview, who recently completed a clean up of Gulvin Park, one of G-town’s pocket park gems that I have not yet visited with my telescope. In the future I want to communicate more with the neighborhood associations and help me get the word out to people who live near the parks where I will be setting up.

Special thanks to Marty Davis for the indefatigueable support for Bicycle Astronomy!


One thought on “Bicycle Astronomy gets an award!

  1. Congrats Doug. Well deserved award. Good to see innovative and interesting uses for cargo bikes. Particularly of the Yuba Mundo, as I am a fellow owner, of an original V1.
    Keep up the good work.

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