Bicycle Astronomy at the Bleo Party!

A little over one year ago, a bunch of really nice people threw a fundraiser for the Bicycle Astronomy Project at Microclimate. Brady Leo was one of the organizers of that event, as one-half of the local, home-grown chip music duo Shrimps. Together, Brady and his partner in lo-fi, Joe, held out a hat at the show and raised over $200 for the project. I was touched, and stoked. I felt a lot of love coming from Geneva over my way, a realative newcomer with a wacky idea about a cargo bicycle and a telescope.

Tonight, the Bicycle Astronomy dream realized and the project underway, I had a chance to give just a little bit back to Brady, at his 36th birthday party, again at the love Microclimate wine bar owned by James-Emery and Stephanie. I brought Bicycle Astronomy with me, and treated the guests to views of the almost-full moon, the Andromeda galaxy, the double star Achird in Cassiopeia, and, the treat of the night, the planet Uranus. For the sake of my reader Tom, that’s pronounced Yur-AAAA-Nuss. Tom never tires of a good Uranus joke. Or any Uranus joke.

Anyway, I found it using the Ipad running Sky Safari Plus, attached to the Sky Commander digital setting circle computer. At 100x, it appeared as a tiny disk, notably different than stars because of the lack of rays. Here is Brady Leo, now an old bloke at 36, looking at Uranus.



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