A guy and his bicycle…

A friend of mine, L., is putting together a book of drawings of interesting things that are part of Geneva’s local, and Bicycle Astronomy made the list. Here is her rough draft of yours truly and the Yuba Mundo cargo bicycle that I use for daily transportation and for all Bicycle Astronomy events. Nice sketch, L., bicycles are not easy to draw or photograph well!

I have been gone for a week and today will be the first day back on the bike. I can’t wait. If you haven’t tried cycling as an adult, you should. It is addictive!

I should be back up on regular posting on the blog, the facebook page, twitter, and, of course, I hope to be doing some Bicycle Astronomy soon!



One thought on “A guy and his bicycle…

  1. Will you let us know when the book is done, and if it is possible to see the other drawings? NICE sketch of you & the bike.

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