Europa Report; hard science fiction in film

The other night I downloaded an advance preview of Europa Report from Itunes. It’s a new independent science fiction film about six astronauts who travel to Jupiter. Their mission is to see if the liquid oceans below the surface of the ice moon Europa might harbor life. It opens on August 2nd in theaters.

Hard science fiction, which is sci-fi that tries to take the “sci” seriously, is relatively rare in film, and relatively rarer still that it’s done right. Whether Europa Report succeeds, as hard sci-fi and as a film experience, will be the subject of the review, but first, I wanted to post the trailer.

A word on trailers: they are mini-movies cut from the material of the whole film, and sometimes they are good summaries, and sometimes they are misleading. Europa Report is billed as a science fiction thriller. And it is, but not in the way you might think, especially after watching the trailer. More accurate might be to say that Europa Repot is a movie about the thrills (and yes, perils) of the quest for scientific knowledge. In other words, this is not Prometheus.


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