Star Party Tonight! 9:30pm, Ridgewood Park

Bicycle Astronomy is coming to Ridgewood Park! Click here for a googlemaps view of Ridgewood Park, off of Ridgewood and Ada Street. The Bicycle Astronomy Cargo Bike, and yours truly, the Bicycle Astronomer, should arrive around 9:15. The “show” will start at 9:30 with a description of the project, bicycle and telescope, and then we’ll begin our tour of the early Summer night sky! On tonight’s observing list are some colorful double stars, the ringed gas giant Saturn, the Great Hercules Cluster of stars, the Ring Nebula, and some distant galaxies. Temperature should drop to the 40s tonight, so dress warmly. Observational astronomy is mostly standing around and looking up, so feet can easily get cold. There might also be dew on the grass.

The first four visitors who walk or bike to the star party will get a Bicycle Astronomy patch! All guests will get a monthly star map and a guide to observational astronomy. Bring a red flashlight if you have one.


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