Cancer in the Sun

Stardust is a kind of astronomically-themed fantasy/eulogy by Mischa Rozema. It’s visually stunning, some of the best cgi I have ever seen, in part because Mischa is so senstive to layers, texture and atmosphere. Though it looks at first like a superior example of the kind of “visualization” that documentaries are full of these days, Stardust shortly takes off in its own direction, and that direction is metaphor and visual poetry.

Though what happens to the sun in this film is impossible, that sequence  is so powerful–for anyone who has been up close and personal with cancer–that it transcends scientific inaccuracy into a kind of higher truth.  Rozema made the film in memory of his friend Arjan Groot, who died of cancer at only age 39. I suspect that’s his face we pause on when the narration reaches earth. Beautiful film, and one that will stay with me. I suspect Mr. Groot would have appreciated this immensely.

And by the way, when will start talking about cancer as an epidemic?


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