Bike on Bike

Bike On Bike #2

The Yuba Mundo continues to impress. This winter has been real winter, or at least, something approaching what I remember real winter was like when I was younger, the world wasn’t ending, and the Turkey Vultures had not yet invaded our northern latitude. So I haven’t been riding as much as I would like. It’s frustrating. I’m sure some of my more avid cyclist readers can relate.

But I still ride whenever I can, and one particular day about two weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out a new kind of cargo on my cargo bike…another bicycle.

If you take off one of the side-loading platforms, you can stick a bike’s front tire into the well, lash the stem to the rear cargo rack, and tow a bicycle. Or so I have heard. Yuba makes a special kit to facilitate this. I don’t know anything about it.

I tried something different, which was carrying a road bike in a shipping box. It was the longest thing I have yet tried to carry, though certainly not the heaviest. The Yuba of course comported itself splendidly!

Bike on Bike #1


What’s in the box? It’s a secret.



3 thoughts on “Bike on Bike

  1. What a great, wonderful crazy photograph, of a box THAT big on your bike! It looks impossible to believ. That Yuba Mundo is awesome! I have been on rollers in the basement much more than I would like this winter – I like to call it my torture rack…

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