Bicycle Astronomy in American Bicyclist

American Bicyclist is the magazine of the League of American Bicyclists, the oldest and largest bicycle advocacy organization in the US. They do good work, and produce a nice magazine to boot. When I was doing my kickstarter project, I sent out a gaggle of press releases, and one of them landed at the League, which sounds so comic book chic to me. One of their cycling caped crusaders contacted me to write an article. I wrote it and sent it in, bursting at the seams of the word limit, and they asked for more! So it became this feature, about an oh-dark-hundred ride out of town on the Yuba Mundo long tail cargo bike this Fall, to do a little solo dark skies observing with my telescope. It was a proof of concept in a way, as I hope to run some group night sky rides down some country roads once the Finger Lakes thaw. Sometimes I hate my writing, sometimes I’m fairly proud of it. This is an example of the latter.

Bicycle-Astronomy-American-Bicyclist-1-1 Bicycle-Astronomy-American-Bicyclist-1-2


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