Yuba Mundo Visits the Farmer’s Market

This past Thursday was the final Geneva Farmer’s Market of the season, and I really wanted to stock up on some things that might keep for a while in our basement. Everything was packed into one go-getter bag, the other loading platform, and the ILEquipment rack bag. I bought:

3 pounds of leeks
4 kohlrabi
4.5 pounds of onions (red and gold)
a jar of honey
1 head of broccoli
a jar of maple syrup
1 pound of green peppers
2.5 pounds of baby sweet potatoes
8 pounds of roma tomatoes
4 butternut squashes (11 pounds)
3 pounds of beets
1.5 pounds of delicata squash
1 pound of garlic
3 pounds of acorn squash
5 pound head of napa cabbage
3 1o-pound bags of yukon potatoes
a 5 pound head of bok choy
and a 1-pound daikon radish

When I got home my daughter Zora and I arranged everything on the floor for a photograph, and then Zora weighed each item (the above is a rounded summary) and added them up. (Who the heck thought up pounds and ounces?)

Zora concludes: “Drum roll please…91 pounds and 3 ounces!”

Zora and all the veggies!

We realized that we forgot the bok choy and leeks in the last photos, so here’s the whole family, no room for us humans.


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