Time Lapse: Star Party at Jefferson Street Park

Bicycle Astronomy had a great star party at Jefferson Street Park on Friday. About 10 people showed up, three of them on bicycle, and there was one dog. Compared to the first Bicycle Astronomy star party, which attracted a crowd of 50, this one was smaller, more intimate, and much easier to handle. Part of the idea of Bicycle Astronomy was to do more frequent, but smaller scale, events; that way our fledging star gazers get more time at the telescope and less in line, and a bit more special attention from the astronomer. We had some great views of the double star Albireo, the Double Cluster, Great Hercules Cluster, Ring Nebula, Dumbell Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, and “Bode’s Nebulae” (galaxies M81 and M82). It was a great group, thanks for coming out! Jefferson Street Park is a gem among city parks, tucked away behind some quiet residential streets and an even quieter residence for corpses (Washington Street Cemetery). Light pollution is minimal for an urban area. Dear City of Geneva, please don’t put up any lights in the park. It will be spoilt!

I took a time lapse sequence of pretty much the entire star party from my initial setup at 8pm. Here it is:


2 thoughts on “Time Lapse: Star Party at Jefferson Street Park

    • Three people did. One gentleman who works at the Geneva Bicycle Center and his two boys. I was psyched to see them roll into the park fearlessly with their red blinkies on!

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