What’s on My Mundo? (Part 1. Groceries)

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work, and here is what I carried on the Mundo: a box of 12 liter glass bottles of mineral water, 12 rolls of toilet paper and a case of beer. Backpack with laptop, Ipad, and camera. Two full grocery sacks with: 5 pounds carrots, 4 pounds mozerella cheese, two large containers of ricotta cheese, half pound chunk of Romano cheese, 8 Kind bars, 12 bagels, 2 gallons of milk, quart of half and half, pound of butter, quart of local red peppers, box of Triscuits, 2 boxes of stone ground crackers, box of Italian breadsticks, four packs of sponges, and a jar each of pickled herring and kimchi. The beer, toilet paper and backpack were up front in the ILE breadbasket bag, the two grocery bags were in the side-loader bag on the far side of the bike, and mineral water was right where you see it, lashed to the left-hand running board and rack. I’ll do a similar shot with the telescope set up!


3 thoughts on “What’s on My Mundo? (Part 1. Groceries)

  1. It looks great! My wife and I finally sold our truck and got our Mundo. We decked ours out similarly to yours, but with a black Brooks saddle and some Civia Loring handlebars. What are you using as a platform for the bottom of your bread basket?

  2. Mark,
    I have a custom-made ILEquipment rack bag in there in the photo. If you look in this image, I also put in a slightly-modified cedar closet insert I think I got in Ikea. I just needed to glue/screw two braces across the insert so it would fit into the bars without moving, then I zip-tied it into place. Turned out to work and look decent, even though when I started I thought it was a temporary solution.


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