Astronomy Apps for your Iphone, Ipod or Ipad

Moon Globe is one of my favorite Ipod Apps, and it's free! You can use it to navigate around the moon through the telescope, and visitors to the telescope always enjoy seeing the area where the Apollo 11 astronauts landed. No, you can't see the footprint, or the flag!

In this post I wrote about the sea-change in mobile computing that Apple’s family of i-devices–phones, pods and pads–has thrust upon us, and its potential for changing the way we interact with the night sky in particular. I didn’t want that post to be an app review, but rather an assessment of the wider impact of the technology. I intended to follow up with a collection of apps that I use and think are useful, but Andrew Fraknoi from Foothills College has beat me to it, publishing the first complete list of astronomy-related i-apps in Astronomy Education Review. You can read the pdf of that article, with active links, here.



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