Photos from the Second Friday Star Party

My friend Brie Plucknette took some great photos of the first Second Friday Star Party this past weekend, one of which was on the front page of the Finger Lakes Times, above the fold even! Brie sent me two images to share with you, both of which provide a sense of what it was like to be at the event. You can learn more about Brie’s awesome photography at

People gather Friday night to look through telescopes during the Star Party in Washington Street Park in Geneva. Five large telescopes and local astronomers were there to help in viewing star clusters, planets and moons. (Gabrielle Plucknette)

That’s me above and my trust 6″ f7.5 off-axis reflector. As I’ll describe in an upcoming post, a 6″ reflector similar to this scope is one of the best starter scopes out there. (I’ve been using a 6″ for almost 10 years, so I guess I’m just starting, too!)

Tyler Scaglia, 9, (center) looks through a telescoope at jupiter Friday night at Washington Street Park during the Star Party. His mother, Bethany Sgaglia helps him to look into the scope and Mike Tartaglia, right, an amateur astronomer watches on. There were five large telescopes to view the sky from and dozens of folks showed up for the party. (Gabrielle Plucknette)


One thought on “Photos from the Second Friday Star Party

  1. Wonderful to have been a part of the experience. Looking forward to the next one and am helping to spread the word.
    Clear skies!
    Pete Sar

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